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Covenant Enforcement

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As a 23 yr resident of this association
There have been many time I wanted to
do certain things on my property, but
could not because of the covenants I
and most other residents abide by!!

I am referring to the illegal structure
being erected on the corner of
Rockwell Ave and Lee Dr. ( in the front yard of this residence)
This is ruining the esthetics of the
nehborhood not to mention house values!!
I am sure No permits were ever applied for from the association or BALTIMORE CO.
Somthing needs to be done before a very BAD precident is set here!
Enforcement - not for all

I agree. I've lived in this neighborhood almost 20 years, and this corner has always been an eyesore. From the failed attempt to put a beauty salon in the garage to the current debauchery, it's been fodder for more than one kvetching session around the community. Why are they allowed to get away with it? I opine that they can get away with it because the homeowners association has no real power and these homeowners know it.
I Agree

Hopefully someone has looked into this by now to find out if the necessary permits, etc. have been obtained. However, this yard is a real eyesore to our community, even without the new structure being built. I hope that someone in the Association can speak to those living there about trying to clean up their yard. Thanks!
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Code enf - property on Rockwell

The issue with the shed and this property has been brought to the attention of the Association by many residents. This issue is past the covenents and now rests in the hands of Baltimore County Code Enforcement. The shed is clearly a violation, even though the resident had been instructed by both the president and vice-president on several occasions to check with Baltimore County before construction. This is in the process of Civil Citation, Code Varience (which we will deny), and a variety of other BC sections. Denise Stanco, Vice President, CGIA.
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