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Covenant Enforcement

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covenant enforcement

I do not have a problem with the shed, even where it is being built. My problem is that now he can not use it to put the stuff from his yard in it which I was hoping was his intention. Instead we get to look at the stuff in the yard and a half finished structure.The association surely won that battle but they absolutely lost this war.
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Shed issue not done yet

Please do not lose hope in the Association's diligence in getting the proper conclusion to this shed issue. Even though there are residents that do not mind the current placement of the shed, the shed is a violation where it stands. Sheds have to be built along the rear fence line, not the street side. Although we realize that a complete shed would have allowed the home owner to place eyesore items inside, he simply cannot do it where the shed now sits. This issue is not over, as the home owner now has to apply for a variance and have the property posted. We realize this is a long drawn out process, made more so by the failure of the home owner to comply with repeated requests of the Baltimore County zoning board. We will keep you posted on the status. We will need the community's help to deny the violation at the time of the hearing.
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Thank you for your diligence in this matter and all matters concerning keeping the community attractive and safe. Let me know if I can help in anyway,

Dave G.

Dulaney Forest Community Association of Timonium MD has no real power. Due to not conducting a proper reinstatement with the county recorder (after first 30
years) the meeting minutes for this task are not recorded and the documentation
of the vote to re-instate is not registered. This is why no
homeowner is required to pay dues. The home in question should comply with Balt. County laws.

At this point that is all that can be done. Let’s not give power to an association which has no documentation of authority. If you allow Dulaney Forest Community Association to act like it is in power be ready to soon be saddle with dues which will be wrongfully mandated and then may not even be used to improve the neighborhood but will surely be used for civil suites which Balt. County laws should handle.

As home owners do you really want additional dues and more restriction or do just want Balt. County laws to be followed. Our taxes are already very high, watch carefully who you (home owner) give power to. 

Concerned Home Owner


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